When God Speaks



The hummingbird buzzed my head as I was watching the sun rise. I didn’t see it. Instead, I heard the distinct whir of its wings immediately thinking “That’s a hummingbird!” Sure enough, it was a hummingbird, there and gone, but unmistakable by the sound of its wings.

My mind traveled to my children and the way I have learned to recognize their voices. That alert panic that enters your soul when you hear the cry of “Mom” with a note of something desperately wrong in it, or the joy of the sweet sound of laughter involving something fun and exciting. A parent just knows when it’s their child.

Just as swiftly as I thought about my children and the fact that I can pick their voice out of a crowd, I thought of my Heavenly Father. Just as I have learned as an ordinary person to listen to the sounds around me and connect them with what I see and know, how much more extraordinary is it that we can listen to what our Heavenly Father says to us. How awesome it is that when we spend time reading His words, meditating on His Scriptures, and talking with him in prayer, we can learn to hear the sound of his voice. The very fact that He knows me, and knows my name, and chooses to dwell in relationship with me fills me with awe.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Read His Word. Follow His leading. Walk Faithfully.

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