About Me

Victoria Duerstock is a writer, pianist, vocalist, composer, music teacher, blogger, and speaker who enjoys sharing her life experiences, which she has affectionately nicknamed “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” to encourage and inspire others.  As a homeschooling mom of three, she has plenty of fodder to choose from.  Participating in 4H, church activities, and being an only child only gives her more material to share.  Having worked throughout her married life either from home as a stay at home mom, or outside the home in the workplace, she understands the tremendous strains that our moms are under, and her goal is to encourage and uplift them.

Having always desired to do writing “one day,” Victoria discovered that speaking was a natural fit and something she wanted to pursue professionally.   The daughter of a missionary evangelist, church life has always been important to Victoria and her family. Throughout her Christian life, she has been involved in various areas of ministry, both in music as the church pianist, soloist, and member of the choir, but also as a teacher, nursery worker, youth and single/military ministry volunteer, and ladies ministry director. Her experiences in church life have created in her the desire to intentionally inspire and minister to women, at all ages and stages.

Currently, Victoria is working on a contracted work of small devotionals, looking to pitch the next person near her on her non-fiction works and her novel that she finished in the spring.  Victoria has added book reviews to the mix and is loving the opportunity to continue her hobby of reading and helping other authors get the exposure they need.

As a member of the Music Teachers National Association, various homeschool groups in person and online, 4H, Word Weavers, and Longview Point Baptist Church in Hernando MS, Victoria seeks out a variety of opportunities for her motivational and inspirational talks.   She blogs regularly at http://www.lifelessonsinmyhead.com and http://www.encouragingwomentoday.com  and manages several social media accounts with the specific purpose of encouraging others.  Victoria also publishes a website with free daily downloads of adult coloring pages with Scripture verses called http://www.365fearnot.com.