Living lives filled with intention

Recently on my other blog, I wrote about the differences between good intentions and being intentional.  If you haven’t read it yet, please check it out here

While this blog post will be similar, I promise it’s not exactly the same.  As women I find that we are often filled with incredible guilt.  This guilt comes in many forms, and sometimes I suppose can be well founded, but for me personally, the guilt I “feel” is 100% self induced and false.

  • I’m not sure what you might feel guilt about, but perhaps you have had these thoughts in the past, or have them now.
  • I’m not a good daughter, I don’t spend enough time with my family.
  • I’m not a good wife, I don’t give my husband the respect he deserves.
  • I’m not a good mother, I yelled at the kids today.
  • I’m not a good housekeeper, my mother never had a messy house.

Should I continue?  I don’t believe that God ever intended or desired us to live under such a heavy weight of guilt and shame.  Instead He desires that we live in victory and enjoy the life He’s given us.

Most days I spend time praying that God will fill in the gaps in my kids lives that I am not filling.  I pray that He gives them what they need to become remarkable adults in His kingdom work.  I pray that my husband knows that I dearly love him, and treasure my life with him, even when I forget to show him how much he means.  I pray that a magic fairy will arrive at the house overnight and clean my home so I don’t have to. Ok, ok not really, but a girl can dream right?

I pray that you will understand that this false guilt of should haves and should do’s  is the enemy working to keep you defeated.  Being intentional in this arena of thought, means getting rid of the thoughts that weigh you down mentally.  Committing every thought to the Father, and asking Him to provide your every need.  May you know His strength and purpose today!


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