Be all there

Today, it was like the above message was on repeat!  First I found this meme while searching for good content this morning for the Facebook Page.  It reminded me of the saying to “bloom where you are planted.”  I love that one too.  I’m a visual person, and so when I see the things you are seeing as a picture, it stays with me.  So my morning started with the reminder to be all the way there wherever I was today.

This afternoon, I was doing some edits on some devotions I am writing, and happened to catch a live podcast by Brendon Burchard.  He talked about prioritization being key to not living a life out of balance.  It was really a motivating talk.  But he also mentioned one thing that stuck with me since then.  He said if he had only one hour to spend with someone that would be totally fine, as long as they were completely in the moment with him.  That would be far better than to have several hours, but not have their full attention.

So this all the way grabbed my mind..intentionally living out this message means that we need to be sure to be available to the people we care about the most.  This is a challenge for me because I am so completely GOAL driven.  As we live out our days looking to encourage and love others, we have to be all in.  Be present.  Be available.  The littles are only little for so long.  The bigs leave soon enough.  The dishes get washed eventually.  The laundry gets folded..or does it?  I’m not really sure, but I do know that in the midst of working to live intentionally to encourage others to love and care for those around them, I must also heed my words and be all there!

Be encouraged!  You are loved and cherished!  You are valuable and you are enough!

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